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Authentic sushi originates from Japan. It has been prepared and enjoyed by the Japanese for at least a couple of hundred years. Westernized eaters have had a taste of it and some have gone on to acquire a taste for it. They would usually have to visit a specialist sushi bar to sample this cultural and healthy feast. But many of them may have asked would it not be nice to be making their own sushi rolls at home.

So far, are you enjoying your brief online guide to sushi? Anyhow, you can still make time to consult more authoritative and extensive guides to preparing sushi. And if wordiness is not quite your thing to grasp, you can feast your eyes on visual presentations in the form of step by step photo slides and video demonstrations. The trend for sushi is fast growing among Westernized eaters, particularly those with a fondness for fresh fish and plenty of vegetables.

And it is never too difficult to find a sushi bar downtown. Go back to your alternative guide and endeavor to do further reading on this culinary art, its delicacies and the health aspects if you are one of those still finding it a little hard to stomach the thought of consuming raw fish. Go back to the beginning, right to the time when the habit first started all those years ago in Japan. And then prepare yourself for some indulgence of the mere basics of preparing sushi.

A pleasant thought for vegans reminds you that you don’t need to consume raw fish as part of your sushi tray if you don’t want to. That’s because sushi can be enjoyed simply with just your traditional vegetables and rice. As for the rest of the readers, anyone for a dragon roll then?