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Spices You Need To Have In Your Kitchen

Spices are vital to the taste of any dish. They can transform bland foods into bold, give an earthy flavor, or create a dish which is spicy. The use of correct spices can transform any dish from one thing to another, altering the way the food tastes into something completely different.

In order to utilize the different aromas and tastes offered by the different spices, you need to ensure that the spice cabinet is properly stocked. While some people may choose to have additional spices in their kitchen, the listing below includes those that everyone needs.

The Basics

Every kitchen needs to have two basic spices: salt and pepper. These two can be used in almost every dish, and salt is even included as one of the baking spices.

The Herbs

Herb spices are those which would typically give an earthy taste to your food. These are used heavily in Italian and Greek cooking. Herb spices you should always keep stocked include:

·    Onion powder (NOT onion salt)

·    Garlic powder (NOT garlic salt)

·    Basil

·    Thyme

·    Rosemary

·    Sage

baking spices

·    Cilantro

·    Oregano

·    Bay Leaves

·    Parsley

The following are optional spices to include which may be included in many ethnic foods. They are not necessary for everyone, but seasoned cooks who utilize more complex recipes will definitely want to have them.

·    Mint

·    Tarragon

·    Dill

·    Bergamot

·    Lavender

·    Coriander

·    Fennel cumin

The Baking Necessities

In addition to salt, which is widely used in baking recipes (in very small amounts), you will definitely want to include certain spices which pair well with sweet tasting products (thus, why they are often used in baking). Although these can vary widely, you will definitely want to include cinnamon, cloves, ginger, and nutmeg. You may also choose to include Allspice, anise, mace, and cardamom if you believe you will be doing more complicated recipes.