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Facts About Ireland & The Irish

Want to learn some fun facts about Ireland and the Irish? There is a lot of interesting information that you can and should learn. To aid you in that quest, read below to learn some fun and interesting facts about Ireland and the Irish!

·    The average height of an Irish man is 5’8″. An Irish woman has an average height of 5’5″. Raymond O’Brien, standing just 11″ tall, is the shortest Irishman in history.

·    Contrary to the popular belief that most Irish people have red hair, only approximately 6% actually have red hair.

·    There is one pub for every 100 people in Ireland.

·    You can find restaurants near countryside il that allow you to enjoy a total Irish experience. Whether it is St. Patrick’s Day or an ordinary day of the week, these places help you live out your leprechaun fairy tales! You can plan a date at one of these restaurants or even a night on the town for yourself. There is never a wrong reason to go to an Irish restaurant and enjoy the food and the fun.

·    Many Irish last names being with Mac or O.

·    88% of Irish people are Roman Catholic.

·    57% of Irish nationals wear eyeglasses or contact lenses.

·    13 years. This is the average length of time a marriage last between an Irish couple.

·    Cats are the most popular animal in Ireland.

·    There are no snakes in Ireland. Nowhere on the island will you see a snake of any species!

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·    More than 4.75 million people live in Ireland.

·    Dublin is the capital of Ireland and the largest city in the country. Approximately ¼ of the total population calls this great city their home.

Hope you enjoyed these fun and interesting facts about the great lands and people of Ireland!