Crawfish, sometimes called crayfish, is a tasty selection from the sea that few can deny the scrumptious taste. If you enjoy seafood but have yet had the pleasure to enjoy this delicacy, it is time. Many seafood restaurants in Plano  offer crawfish and feasting upon a piping hot bowl will help you enjoy a meal like none other. But, there are a few things that you should know before you head out for a crawfish dinner.

Fact 1: Don’t Eat Raw Crawfish

If you dine at one of the Plano restaurants, eating a raw crawfish is never an option. Raw crawfish can make you sick. Besides, they don’t taste very well raw, either.

Fact 2: Pregnant Women Can Eat Crawfish

Seafood contains mercury and high levels of mercury are harmful, especially to an unborn baby. Many pregnant women avoid seafood or at least consume it in smaller quantity during pregnancy. However, crawfish needn’t be avoided.

Fact 3: The Official Crustacean

The crawfish is the official ‘crustacean’ of Louisiana. The state is also the first to have an official crustacean. No one can deny that Louisiana is the state deserving of such a title.

Fact 4: Crawfish is Good For You

A myth that some people believe is that crawfish is bad for your health. Just the opposite is true and consuming crawfish on a regular basis is good for you! Crawfish is low in fat, high in protein, and tastes great, so eat up!

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Fact 5: A Colorful Selection

What color is a crawfish? Many people do not realize that crawfish come in a variety of colors.  Red is the most common color and the one that people associate with the creature, but they also come in awesome shades of blue, green, white, and yellow!