Having a child with celiac disease used to be a problem. Food contained things with gluten hidden in them. Something as simple as Rice Krispies could be contaminated if they had been produced in a facility that had wheat cereals produced there.

organic crackers

Today though, gluten free foods abound as celiac is more common and there are people who have a gluten sensitivity but are not celiac.

Where is Gluten Found?

Gluten is found in wheat, barley and rye and any products which contain them. A soup has been thickened with flour contains gluten. Certain products you would not associate with gluten are a source. Soy sauce contains gluten and sometimes flour is used as a bulking agent chocolate. Herbs and spices can be cross contaminated too.

Manufacturers are increasingly sensitive

As the number of people with celiac or a gluten sensitivity increase so does the number of producers of gluten free products. It is now possible to have a varied and balanced diet which has no gluten at all.  Manufacturers now produce everything from full meals, organic crackers and snacks, desserts, to bread and even beer.

It is all about reading the label

The label will tell you everything you need to know. It makes sense to check the small print of course, and now supermarkets often have a gluten free aisle foods there can be trusted to have been properly prepared.

Is Gluten Free healthier?

The answer is that gluten free is only healthier if you are celiac or have a sensitivity to it. Otherwise there is no point eating gluten free. Gluten free products do not have less calories automatically. Organic products make sense where they can be sourced because the less food has been tampered with the better.